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Bloom's Taxonomy Pyramid's New Paint Job
Workshop for oral proficiency

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Part I: Beginning Oral Mastery (with Quizlet) (~10 mins)

1. Repeat & Recognize

2. Oral Mastery

3. "Around Me"

4. Hot Seat

5. Marathon

Part II: Intermediate Oral Mastery (~15 mins)

1. Screen Recording

2. Google Voice

3. Running Dictation

4. Traveling

5. Make/Learn/Sing Rap

Part III: Advanced Oral Mastery (~20 mins)

1. Public Speaking

2. Authentic Application

3. Conversation Circle (full circle)

4. Google hangouts

5. Teaching "paired down language" w/ AIM

Tutorial video to make your own wiki on wikispaces.com and put all your "stuff" on it for students to access every year.

Bonus items for written practice
  1. White board
  2. "The doggie bets" review game
  3. Sentence relay
  4. Home study w/ blended mastery of Quizlet
  5. Production of worksheets and answer sheets
  6. "Boule de papier" review game
  7. Museum field trip
    1. Scavenger hunt for paintings
    2. Live auction w/ real art & fake blank checks in Euros

Slap Happy Workshop
  1. Introduction


  3. STAPLE ACTIVITIES with flashcards

  4. DOTS for the APD (attention PRIORITY disorder) and Bored Students in your class . . .

  5. Teaching verbs and direct object pronouns w/ flashcards

  6. REALISTIC ACTIVITIES w/ common themes

  7. Twist on worksheet activity

  8. AIM (Accelerated Integrated Method by Wendy Maxwell)

Mme Thomas' Middle School Teacher's Guide & Workbook

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